From the very moment he is born til the day he dies, Man oscillates between darkness and light. Going forward and backwards. He falls and he rises. But it’s in the glimpse of difference that he finds the support and the strength that lead him all through the way.
The on-going project started from the photographs of an archive – a sole woman, sanctified by the people, mirror of so many other characters that through times have been nourishing the sense of believing of generations – growing to a fictional Interpretation of reality, exploring and confronting faith and beliefs, which such have deep roots in society.
The narrative is based upon the analysis of the transformation of the life and path of a person and in the influence of that being in the life of others, leading to beliefs and penances that transform themselves in hope. All along the series a number of situations are displayed. They show suffering, despair, obstacles, choices, rupture, change, the prevailing of good before evil, death, etc.
That’s how the ideary is established bringing the viewer to a sensorial and spiritual world 

(2019 – Ongoing)